Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun In The Sun

This is about the only thing that we can
do outside this time of year...go swimming.
It has been 110+ every day up to 114. Crazy hot!

Skyler is getting more comfortable in the water. She just started swim
lessons today for the first time...I will have to take some pics of it.

Madison was starting to get to big for her baby swim we got
her these floaties to try them out. She does pretty well in them.
Our baby boy is 3 months old now!
I can't get enough of him...he is just so cute. It is so fun to see him go through all the stages. He is starting to is so cute! Can't they stay like this forever?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our little buddha baby

Ryland had his 2 months (he's actually 9 1/2 wks) check-up on monday. He weighed 13lbs 8 oz. which is in the 90 percentile. He's a big boy! Such a sweet baby. He's starting to smile a lot more and react to people talking and being around him. He has been such a blessing to our family!

it is so cute when he smiles!

I think he is going to be our first thumb sucker! I never thought I would have a baby that wouldn't take a pacifier. Both the girls loved their pacifier from day one (we just barely got rid of Madison's passy that she would have only when she slept.) Ryland from day one has always kinda sucked on his fists...he is starting to be able to control his movements more and sometimes can straighten out his thumb to get it in there.
To my family in Oregon who is still freezing....are you jealous?
Had to get some pics of Jake's new car on here. I know he has told the fam all about it and wanted them to see it. Such a nice car...I love to drive it! I love my expedition, but it is nice to drive this when I am out running errands by myself.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mom cut my hair!

I usually take Skyler to a hair cut place to get her
hair cut but Saturday I decided to cut it myself!
Not too bad huh?

I should have taken a before picture of the back of her hair so you can see the huge difference, but for those who know Skyler's hair it is half straight/wavy/ if I blow dry it and curl it I can get it to flip out and it looks really cute. And it is a lot shorter than before which looks really cute on her.

of course if Skyler is getting her hair curled...then Madison wants hers flipped out to!

my girls love to play dress up. They also love to put on princess movies and sing and dance to it. (you can kinda see what Skyler's hair looked like before the hair cut)