Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Pics of the Little Ones

For some time, I've been hearing that we are not posting enough pictures of the kids often enough. Does anybody remember what we did before there were blogs. Heaven forbid someday come to AZ in the summer time to visit. We've pretty much accepted the fact that we won't get a whole lot of visitors during our summer months. But here are some new pictures of our trio with Skyler, Madison and Ryland.

Ryland has really perfected his roll this week, he tends to have a problem when he bumps into walls and in his crib, but it's so much fun to watch him grow and learn new things. This just means that we have to watch him even that much closer. Notice the nice leaky diaper after a good nights rest.

Madison has made bedtime quite an event as of late. She doesn't like to fall asleep alone in her bed so at times it's Mom & Dad's bed, and sometimes Skyler's. Here's a cute pic of her cuddlin' up with Skyler.

Happy Birthday

I recently had my 29th Birthday on August 16th. Seeing as how I have one more year before I'm officially required to act like an adult, I haven't started feeling too old. However I have started feeling some minor aches and pains, but I assume that's from my rigorous exercise routine that I devote myself to. Not only to I share a Birthday with Madonna, but it also happens to be the same day Elvis died and Babe Ruth (I think?). So we watched documentaries on the life and death of Elves all day (not really). It was a fun day, it fell on a Saturday which made it very relaxing and enjoyable. It was a fun day just hanging out with the family, we hung out at the pool to cool off from the August heat. I suppose the next birthday is the one I need to be worried about. Any words of wisdom from those who have already walked down that path?

Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of School

Today was Skylers first day of pre-k. She was so exited! We went the other day to an open house to meet her teacher and see her classroom. Since Skyler's bithday is in October she misses the deadline for kindergarten so they have a special program that allows those kids whose birthday are between sept. and Dec. to go to school for almost three hours everyday..the best part of it is that it is free! Beats paying to get her into a preschool! And ofcourse it gets her ready for a full day of kindergarten next year. And ofcourse gives mom a break.

She was so excited when we were picking out her backpack!
It was so funny cause she kept thinking she needed to pose while I was taking her picture
This is Skyler's friend Olivia that is in her class. Someone to carpool with...yeah! Ohh yeah I was just informed that flip flops are not allowed...thats all we Arizonians wear! It's way to hot to put normal shoes on let alone socks!! Ohh well...guess I will have to go dig out some socks and shoes...if she has any.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gotta love the CHUB

Ryland had his 4 1/2 month doctors appointment this week. He weighed 16lbs 8 oz. which is 75 percentile. He is getting so is so crazy how fast they grow...where did my newborn go? He is such a happy baby and is always smiling and laughing.
He learned a new trick this week....
ohhh...he's leaning...
And there he goes!

We found this bumbo today at goodwill. He looks so cute in it!! I had been wanting to buy one but didn't want to spend $40 to get one so when I saw this at goodwill for $5.99 I definitely had to get it! Gotta love goodwill!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet...It's always nice coming home from vacation to your own bed and own things...but definitely hard to leave behind those you love. Skyler is getting old enough to where she gets really sad to leave. She told me this time that she wants to live there and started bawling when she woke up from the car ride home from the airport and saw that we were home...she wanted to go back to Grandma. So hard to be away from everyone. We had such a great time for the two and a half weeks we were in Oregon. It was perfect weather the whole time (so nice to get out of the heat) the kids loved being able to go out and play in Grandma's backyard, going to the park, the zoo, boating and everything else you can't do here during the summer. The girls had so much fun playing with their cousins and definitely loved the attention and spoiling they got from Grandma. They actually prefer Grandma over me most of the time we are there....which is kind of a nice break for me:) My brother Chris got married which was so fun to be apart of. We are so excited for Meghan to be part of our family and know they will be very happy together. is some pictures of our adventure.Madison, Camden, Kade, Gracie, Skyler & Ryland

Chris and Meghan are Married!!!Best men and bridesmaids...and flower girls

My twin brothers casey and cameron were Chris' best man along with his friend Ryan
Gracie and Skyler had so much fun being flower girls!
Because Meghan's family are not members and couldn't be apart of the marriage ceremony in the temple they had a ring ceremony before the reception. The girls did such a great job walking up the aisle... I was afraid Skyler might get scared but she didn't!
The reception turned out so nice. They had it at pumpkin ridge golf course. The night was filled with a delicious dinner, dancing, family and friends and of course running after kids.

Congratulations Chris and Meghan...we love you and we wish you the best!

Fun on the boat!!
Yeah...the water is pretty cold!

Jake wake boarding...he did such a great job!
Yep...believe it or not...that's me.
Here is Gracie and Skyler being pulled by the tube behind the boat. I was so sad because after we put Madison in with them and the camera ran out of batteries! Ohh time.
Thanks Mom, Dad and fam for everything!! We miss all of you guys so much. We love you!