Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Wonderland at Grandma Nielsen's house....

It has been snowing almost all week here in Portland, Oregon. Me and the girls and Ryland flew in last Saturday (13th) and it has pretty much been snowing off and on since we arrived. School was canceled all week long for the kids here and church was canceled last week and will be canceled tomorrow also. So crazy! But definitely fun for us coming from Arizona where all we get is sun. Today (sat. 2oth) we have gotten 3-4 inches so far and they have forcasted 6-10. This is really unusual to get this much snow kinda fun. Jake will be flying in tommorrow night to join us...just hope his flight wont be canceled and that we will be able to go pick him up!

Having fun in the sled!

It's freezing!

Gotta jump on the tramp!

This was the first day it started snowing.. sun 14th.

All bundled up!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Poor Madison....

Madison broke her arm the sunday before thanksgiving (23rd). Skyler and her were at the table doing a craft that sunday night, Madison was standing on the kitchen chair and fell (we have one of those high tables which has definitely been a huge mistake from the beginning... this isn't the first time one of them has fallen...just haven't hurt themselves like this). We ended up in the emergency room that night and took her in to an orthopedic surgeon the next day thinking we were just going to put a cast on her. The doctor informed us that she needed to have surgery because she bent the bone instead of broke it. Her bones are still so soft because she is so the doctor wanted to bend the bone back to make sure it would heal straight. So, that same day we took Madison into the hospital where they put her to sleep and the doctor had her arm under an x-ray and bent the bone into place. She had a splint on for a week in case it swelled at all and then she got her pretty pink cast with sparkles!
Here is Madison waiting for surgery... she got a doggy which she had fun putting stickers all over it.
She got to go on a ride in a wagon when she got restless know how hospitals and doctors offices takes forever. She did really good though.
She got her pretty pink cast on this wednesday... yes with sparkles on it. As you can see she is still as happy as can be...and as active as usual. (thank you Lance and Aimme for the dress-up clothes and girls love it!)