Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fun with the SUNS!

Thank you uncle Jack! Jake got tickets through work to go to the Suns game last night. Since Jack in the Box is a sponsor of the suns we got to sit in a suite where they had food for us and even tee-shirts and suns fingers. We all sported our suns tee-shirts and colors and had lots of fun! The kids had a great time!

There was even a special appearance from the the Gorilla the suns mascot.


The kids enjoyed going to parks and the beach and just hanging out with cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandma and Grandpa Stubblefield!


Before me and the kids headed out to San Diego we went to some spring training baseball games. We enjoyed the weekend with Jake's parents going to the games and hanging out! Ryland was sporting his Padres shirt (dads favorite team!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What? Are you kidding...

Yeah...that's what I was thinking. We had a fun day today. If you can't tell what this is a picture happens to be 3 prescriptions for an antibiotic. One for Skyler, Madison and Ryland. Almost two weeks ago Ryland came down with a cough...a couple of days later Madison catches it--(for those that know Madison she catches every cold and is sick every other week)...just when I think Madison and Ryland are starting to get better Skyler comes down with this cough and the last few days she has been getting fevers of 102.9 . So I take Skyler in to the doctor today to see what is going on. Of course Ryland and Madison are with me and there coughs have not completely gone away after almost two weeks. So we are waiting for the doctor to come in and Rlyand out of the blue throws up everywhere. So I was like...well I better have him seen to. So anyways long story short...they all have bronchitis...they are all on antibiotics....and all three on the breathing machine. Fun huh?

Here's some fun pics!

Gotta support JACK!

Jake brought these shirts home from work...the girls love them!

Well gotta do something when its already 85 degrees!
The kids love playing outside...especially when it involves water.

Ryland is starting to walk around the room while pushing won't be long before he will be walking around by himself! He just turned 11 months crazy!