Friday, December 18, 2009


You better not pout I'm telling you why.......

Santa Clause is coming to town!

We are headed to San Diego to spend Christmas with Jakes family. We are excited to spend time with family and enjoy the time off from everything! The kids are excited to see and play with their cousins!
Merry Christmas eveyone!!!

What a fun Thanksgiving!

We had such a fun Thanksgiving this year. My parents were able to come and spend a week with us, which was so fun. The kids loved having them here! Thank you Mom and Dad for meant so much to us!

Skylers Kindergarten feast!

Fun at the Park!


now we're full!

Thanksginings comes Christmas! Unfortanately unlike when I was a kid in Oregon where you could go to a tree farm and cut your own tree down....we had to settle buying one at Home Depot. Ohhh well it works. Although, it was pretty for about a week...and then it started drying up and dying. I guess we Arizonians don't know how to keep trees alive...better stick with a cactus next year!

We went to the Temple lights one pretty! we couldn't let my Dad have too much of a break from we put him to work helping us put tile in our upstairs hall bathroom (the kids bathroom). Jake and I had tiled the countertop earlier...and had been putting off tiling the floor til we could get an expert to help :)

Now Jake can tile out masterbathroom....right honey??

Here's the Final look:

Thanks Dad for all your help! We love it!

Cant forget Halloween!

Fun at the Zoo on Halloween!

The kids love to paint! (a little easier then carving!)

we tried the hair spray thing...not fun to get out!

Ryland was Superman for our Ward party and then a Duck
for Halloween cute:)

A fall look back....

Alright, so I think I say this everytime I post something, but I have really been slackin on posting any pictures. But I really wanted to put a few from Skyler's b-day which was at the end of October (yeah forever ago!)
I surprised Skyler and took her to Disneyland for her 6th b-day! It was so fun. Just me and her went while Grandma and Aunt Jamie watched Madi and Ryland. We were there all day long from opeing to close and had a blast!

What a fun time at we will just have to make
it back someday with the whole family!

A rare moment...guess thats why you have to document it...

We keep warning Madison that someday Ryland will be bigger than she is, and will be able
to get her back for all the things she does to annoy him...:)