Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sick of being SICK!

Our family has had a rough year so far for sickness. For a couple of years now I have wanted to keep a "sick" calender and keep track of all the times my kids get sick because I swear my kids get sick a lot more than the average kid. So this year I have been keeping track, and no joke.....someone has been sick every week since the beginning of the year (actually before then, Madison and Ryland were sick right before Christmas). We have gotten the flu, some of us twice- we do have our H1N1 shots and Skyler got the reg. flu shot and still got it. Skyler has had a double ear infection, the kids have had Bronchitis.....and of course the nasty coughs my kids get which makes them throw up and get really weak and sick and have to be on the breathing machine...which happens very frequently. It was my turn to get really sick last week when I had had a bad cough for a week already and then all the sudden I got a high fever and it hurt when I breathed...it felt like I had bruised my ribs from coughing(is that even possible?) We finally all got to go to church this last Sunday after missing the last 3 Sundays in a row. This week....well it was Jakes turn to start not feeling well, and though my cough still lingers on at least I can get off the couch! So I am hoping that maybe after this week we can all be healthy again? I dunno that might be too much to hope for with our track record.

Lets just say its been frustrating to say the least. I keep asking myself what I am doing wrong. I know we could do better at washing our hands before we eat and have Skyler especially wash her hands when she gets home from school-- cause I know she brings home a lot of it. Other than that I guess we just deal with it til this cold/flu season ends!